Do you need another set of ears on an arrangement that you can’t seem to get right? Do you need a captivating guitar part or a solid bass line on your new track? Do you need a polished and competitive sounding mix and master for your album or EP? I’d love to help make your music all that it can be


Let me help you bring your songs to life with guitar, bass, and keys parts. I’m a competent multi-instrumentalist with more than 10 years of experience and 2 years of formal music education. I can read music (standard notation, chord charts, Nashville system) and play by ear. I am fully equipped to track parts remotely, or I can come to you.


Let me help you navigate the complicated world that is the recording studio. I can engineer tracking sessions and overdub sessions. I will make sure that the studio is an environment where you can be your most creative, not stressed. I have good relationships with a number of great Memphis studios if you need a recommendation!


Let me take your songs from a rough multitrack to a finished product ready for release. I am equipped with all the industry standard software and plugins to help you find a sound that you love. I can also master your project, or I can connect you with a reputable mastering engineer who I would trust with my own music. I am an Avid Certified Pro Tools User.


I offer very competitive pricing for everything I do. Give me a shout and we can talk! Check out the contact page to get in touch with me